Sanjay Oak

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As the Dean 


BYL Nair; T.N.Med.College.

  1. Construction of marble platforms outside Medical Acute Care Unit for the patients’ relatives to sit comfortably.
  2. Installation of a Ultra Modern Digital Cath Lab. of Siemens in the Cardiology Department of BYL Nair Ch. Hospital in a span of three months.
  3. Construction of a Police Chowky in the campus of BYL Nair Ch. Hospital for maintenance of peace and security.
  4. Upgradation of Establishment Office.- Ground floor.
  5. Modernisation of Foyer of Auditorium : The Auditorium of BYL Nair Ch. Hospital can accommodate about 400 spectators. The foyer of this auditorium was completely       modernized and now it bears elegant look.
  6. Commissioning of CPCR Project : Department of Anaesthesiology commissioned a project of Cardio-Pulmonary-Cerebral resuscitation framing programme for CPC-R at all levels of hospital employees. A hi-tech mechanized has been purchased to support this course.
  7. A project of labour analgesia services was converted into patients friendly activity in the Department of Obst. and Anesthesia.
  8. Agrogya Path : A communicating link between College building and OPD building of the hospital was converted into a Health Education Path-way.
  9. A Website of Nair Hospital was updated and commissioned as This Website has the links between various departments and services offered.
  10. The post operative surgical Recovery Room was completely modernized. The updated Recovery Room is now pressed into service in the theatre complex.
  11. With the help of TNMC Alumni ( in India as well as overseas), various upgradation projects of College are on the way. Acquisition of Dell Laptop and Epson Projector are         a part of this initial exercise.
  12. Renovation of Amarsey Pavilion was done in phase and renovated Phase II of this Pavillion was inaugurated on 28.3.2005.
  13. Construction of “Visawa” – A shelter for patients’ relatives getting admitted in BYL Nair Hospital (Dec.2005).
  14. Renovation of ground floor – Foyer of BYL Nair Hospital (Dec.2005).
  15. Acquisition of ISO 9001-2000 certification to DPS and MICU (Dec.2005).
  16. TNMC recognized as a center for Primary AFRCS exam. In Gen. Surgery (Nov.2005). 
  17. With the help of TNMC alumni – Upgradation of class room 
  18. Construction of Mini-Auditorium.
  19. Expansion of Students Library.
  20. Construction of “Vatika” – A multipurpose shelter for hospital personnel was built.
  21. Coaching activity to teach “Marathi” language to non-Marathi speaking hospital personnel.
  22. Upgradation of Ladies’ & Boys’ Common Rooms.
  23. Upgradation of recreation room for staff members.
  24. Construction of a garden opp. New OPD building.
  25. Upgradation of Anatomy Dissection Hall.
  26. Construction of “Florence Nightingale Auditorium in Nurses” College.
  27. Upgradation of Anatomy Museum.
  28. Organisation of Forensic Medicine Museum.
  29. Construction of Pharmacology Seminar Hall.
  30. Modernization of Biochemistry P.G.Laboratory.
  31. Organisation of outdoor pavilion in Students’ hostel.
  32. Organisation of Physiology Lecture Hall.
  33. Rededication of Casualty & Trauma Ward.
  34. Modernization of Biochemistry UG Laboratory.
  35. M.R.I. Installation.
  36. Modernization of Skin & V.D. departments.
  37. Internal Roads of B.Y.L.Nair / T.N.M.C. Campus.
  38. Acquisition of a battery operated cart. for ambulance transfers within B.Y.L.Nair Ch. Hospital.
  39. School for Autistic Children at B.Y.L.Nair Ch. Hospital.
  40. Renovation; Construction of Obst. & Gyne. Ward in New OPD wing.
  41. Construction of new EMS complex.

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